Members Showcase & Competition - "Through the Lens"

Member's Choice Showcase & Contest

New this year we’ll be hosting a Members’ Choice Showcase & Competition in November, February & May. Members are invited to submit one photo in any or each of the 3 categories (max. of 3 images). The images will be renamed to remain anonymous and posted to the Club’s website under the heading “Showcase” for all members to view. Club members will be asked to vote for their favourite images at the meeting.

Email your images to Sandy Randle ( ) by May 19 & indicate which category(ies) you are entering. If you’re unable to attend the May meeting, you can email your vote to Clara or Sandy by noon on May 21. The Votes will be tallied and winners will be presented with a Certificate of Award at the meeting. There will be one winner in each category.


Clouds winning photo by Tricia Sinclair


Water winning photo by Mike Palmer


Mud winning photo by Gabriella Hamley.



Cold/Chilly Out winning photos by Dave Hough & Peter Hamley

Solitude/Stillness winning photos by Sandy Randle & Tricia Sinclair

Savoury/Yummy winning photos by Len Holmes & Tricia Sinclair


"Fall Colours"by Gabriella Hamley

Fall Colours - 1

"Playful" by Len Holmes


"Something Out of Place" by Gabriella Hamley

Somthing out of place-1
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